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Although the United Arab Emirates is still young, only formed in 1971, it has already become one of the most exciting places in the world with its several attractions and achievements.

The country is situated in the heart of the Middle East within the Arabian Desert, along the coast of the Persian Gulf.

The sandy desert is home to the most famous flora in the region, the date palm, and the Arabian oryx and leopard but realistically the most seen animals in the area are camel and goat while the sea is rich in tropical fish, jellyfish, coral and sharks.

Because of its geographical position, located on the Tropic of Cancer, the country has a sub-tropical desert climate resulting in a generally warm and dry weather.

Apart from a few uncomfortable, sweaty months, tourists and residents can enjoy the incredible sunny weather during their stay throughout the year.

Dubai is home to over 180 nationalities, and it is a very famous tourist destination as well, because of which English is widely spoken throughout the city next to the official language, the Arabic.

Despite the mixed population with different views within the region, the country has still managed to achieve a perfect harmony between several cultures, religion and traditions.

This fascinating town is not only popular for tourists, but it also attracts people in the hope for a better life. The quality of life is exceptionally high with tax-free salaries (mostly paid in local currency), and safe and family-friendly environment.

The cost of living/staying is quite high, but it is still affordable if you know how to manage your money.

There is something for everyone from luxurious restaurants with various cuisines, top-class hotels and extreme activities for the wealthy, to free beaches, parks, low-cost hotel apartments and budget restaurants with different dishes for the middle class and poor.

The city is also famous for having the biggest, largest, and best in almost everything and it is still rapidly expanding due to the World Expo 2020 being held in 2020. Just to mention some of the records:

  • Tallest man-made structure on land: Burj Khalifa
  • Largest shopping center: The Dubai Mall
  • Longest driverless metro: Dubai Metro
  • Tallest residential building: Princess Tower (Dubai Marina)
  • Largest automated car park: Emirates Financial Towers
  • Largest firework display: New Year’s Eve 2013, Palm Jumeirah and The World

Dubai is attracting thousands of tourists with its outstanding infrastructure, magnificent skyline, breathtaking attractions and unique activities within its various absolutely different districts.

But this modern mega-metropolis is not only about iconic skyscrapers and contemporary landmarks, but there is a lot more to see and experience in the city.

Take time to get to know this sparkling place, for sure you will not regret it!