Can you drink Alcohol in Dubai?

Yes, people are allowed to drink alcohol in dubai and alchol is available in many hotels.

Alcohol is available in Dubai’s nightclubs and pubs to people over the age of 21.

Drinking in public places is strictly prohibited.

UAE is a Muslim country and follows Sharia Law, however, since a large population of people living in Dubai are expatriates, the city has special laws in place that permit licensed hotels to store and serve alcohol.

If you wish to buy alcohol for drinking in your house, then you are required to have an alcohol license.

You can find the link to apply for your alcohol license in Dubai at the end of this post.

Here are some other important things you need to keep in mind:


Under any circumstances, you cannot drink in public.
If you do attend a party or event avoid being loud or disruptive outside the venue, or you will end up in trouble.
Zero-tolerance Policy for drinking and driving. Bear in mind that it takes 48 to 72 hours for alcohol to leave your body completely.

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Alcohol license Dubai:

To obtain an alcohol license you will require the following documents:

An Alcohol License application form.
Copy of your Passport (Front & Back Pages)
Visa Copy
Tenancy Contract
Labour Contract
Fees: AED 270

Some important things you need to know before you can buy Alcohol in Dubai:


If your visa is issued from any authority other than Abu Dhabi or Dubai, then you will require an NOC from the respective police headquarters.


You need to have a monthly salary over AED 3000.
If you are a free zone employee, then you need a salary certificate issued by the free zone. The Alcohol License is valid for one year and must be renewed.


You can apply for your alcohol license online by using this link.


  1. Only non-Muslims can purchase alcohol.
  2. You will be asked to present your license before you can buy alcohol.
  3. You can only purchase alcohol in the emirate that you hold a valid alcohol license.
  4. You should only drink alcohol in your home if you hold a valid alcohol license



Now that you are aware of Dubai Liquor laws, the next most commonly asked question is,


Where to buy alcohol in Dubai?


The two companies legally allowed to sell alcohol in Dubai are AfricanEastern and MMI. Together they have more than 25 stores in Dubai, and you can locate their store using the following links:

MMI Stores in Dubai and AfricanEastern Stores.